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In addition to sales and rentals, we provide flexible leasing options for our products. Learn more about our leasing options by requesting a quote.

If controlling up front costs is an important factor, our used copier inventory is a cost effective option to purchasing copiers.

Why Lease?

Sometimes it makes for sense to lease. Leasing offers some advantages over purchasing expensive equipment:

Reduced upfront costs
Leasing significantly reduces upfront costs by only requiring several lease payments as a downpayment. When compared to downpayments required by bank loans or the full cost of a product, lease payments are a much more reasonable option.
Tax advantages
Depending on the structure of the lease, your company may write-off lease payments as business expenses rather than depreciating the value of the equipment over time.
Equipment Evaluation
Leasing forces you to assess the useful lifetime of the product you intend to lease. This protects you from retaining outdated equipment and helps determine your lease terms.
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