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In 1982 Yafim Kolovyansky founded A & Y Photocopy in New York, NY. Named after his two sons, A & Y began strictly as a service company, offering problem solving for office copiers. Several years later, A & Y added copier sales.

In 1989, the people at A & Y realized that copiers weren't enough. Customers' offices were growing and to accomodate, A & Y began offering facsimile machines and printers. So the name soon changed to R.A.Y. Business Machines, Inc. Why the "R"? Just like the "A" and "Y", the founder was blessed with anothers son and so had another initial to append to the company name.

As technology progressed in the 1990's, new machines arrived to take the place of copiers, faxes, and printers: the multifunctional machines. RAY soon saw the potential of these machines and became an authorized Brother dealer and service center in 1994, a provider of high-quality multifunctional machines.

With a still growing company and a solid reputation for sales and service, RAY became an authorized Canon Compact Series dealer in 1996. In continuing the tradition of offering the latest technologies in office machines, RAY also became an authorized Canon ImageClass dealer, allowing RAY to offer high-end black/white and color printers and digital color copiers with printing capabilities. Not only was RAY's reputation behind the products, but the best names in the industry backed RAY's products.

You may have noticed our company motto at the bottom of absolutely all of the pages of our website. We take our motto seriously. We strongly believe in our motto and have visibly grown bigger to serve our customers better. We haven't stopped before and now is not the time to slow down. We plan on continuing our growth, all with the goal of serving our valued customers even better.

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