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Every business needs a high performance copier to boost productivity. That's why Canon designed the C400D copier. With a copy speed of 40 copies per minute and Automatic Duplexing, you'll cut your copy time and expenses! Plus, the optional Recirculating Document Feeder automatically handles both two-sided originals and different size originals. Its convenient design allows you to customize the C400D with various accessories to meet your copying needs. What's more, the C400D is equipped with a range of productivity-enhancing features to provide you with the tools you need to succeed in today's competitive market. The high performance C400D copier is the choice for your mid-volume copying needs.
  • 40 copies per minute.

  • The optional Recirculating Document Feeder (RDF) is designed to feed originals at 40 copies per minute. It accepts both different size originals and two-sided originals.

  • Dual Front-Loading, User-Adjustable 500-Sheet Paper Cassettes accept all standard paper sizes, from statement through ledger.

  • Convenient Single-Sheet Bypass for odd paper sizes, overhead transparencies, letterhead and labels.

  • Optional 3,000-sheet front-loading letter-sized Paper Deck Pedestal means adding paper less frequently.

Copying Functions That Save You Time And Money

  • Automatic Duplexing using the optional RDF lets you utilize standard duplexing to make one-sided originals into two-sided copies, two-sided originals into two-sided copies, and even separates two-sided originals into one-sided copies.

  • Limitless Duplexing utilizing the optional RDF and one of the five finishing options available, allows you to program up to 999 sets of a two-sided document as a single job.

Convenient Finishing Options

  • Two optional 20-bin Sorters collate up to twenty 50-page sets.

  • The optional 20-bin Stapler Sorter produces up to 20 individually stapled sets of multi-page documents.

  • The optional Auto Stapler individually collates and staples up to 30 sets of multi-page copies, one at a time.

  • The optional Auto Stapler Folder folds ledger-size copies in half or into convenient Z-folds for easy handling and filing.

  • Limitless Sorting allows you to program up to 999 sets as a single job using the RDF and Sorter-B1 or Stapler Sorter-A1.

Advanced Features For Higher Productivity

  • Wide range Zoom from 50% - 200% in 1% increments.

  • 7 easy-to-use Preset Reduction/Enlargement ratios quickly fit documents to letter, legal or ledger-sized paper.

  • Auto Magnification takes the guesswork out of copying by reducing or enlarging images to fit the desired paper size.

  • Auto Paper Selection makes sure the appropriate paper size is used based on the size of the original and selected zoom ratio.

  • Automatic Exposure ensures clear copies by setting the correct contrast for hard to view originals such as color background documents.

  • Auto Cassette Switching recognizes when you run out of paper and automatically switches to a secondary source of the same size paper without interrupting your copy run.

  • Auto Start allows you to turn on the copier, program a job, and walk away. The job will automatically run as soon as the warm-up cycle is complete.

  • Auto Shut-Off turns the copier off automatically after a specified period of non-use.

  • Auto Reset automatically returns the copier to its default settings after a preset time period of non-use. The reset period is user-adjustable from 0-9 minutes.

  • Interrupt Mode stops the current copying job to allow you to make priority copies, and then completes the original job.

  • Memory Mode allows you to store two preprogrammed jobs and recall them at the touch of a button.

  • Standby Mode conserves energy whereby partial fusing heat is maintained so that a full warm-up period is not necessary for the next copy job.

Special Copy Jobs

  • Photo Mode enhances the ability to copy halftones or photographs for a brighter copy.

  • Two-Page Separation lets you copy two facing pages from books or bound documents onto two separate sheets without moving the original.

Copy Management Made Easy

  • ID Mode accommodates up to 25 four-digit account numbers to easily track the number of copies made for each account.

  • Copy management is easy with the optional Control Card which can track up to 200 users. The Control Card Printer provides a record of the number of copies produced per user, giving you great control and added security.

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