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At 30 copies per minute, the C330D copier is fast, flexible and user-friendly. Its standard Automatic Duplexing feature saves you time, paper and file space. What's more, thanks to the C330D's modular design, you can choose from various document feeding, paper supply and sorting options. This allows you to customize the C330D to meet your specific business needs. And with the C330D advanced features such as Auto Magnification, Auto Paper Selection and Auto Exposure, you can produce professional-looking documents every time. The C330D copier gives you the high-quality, productivity and versatility you expect from Canon.

  • 30 copies-per-minute.
  • Dual front-loading, user-adjustable 500-sheet paper cassettes accept all standard paper sizes, from statement through ledger.
  • Convenient 50-sheet Stack Bypass for odd paper sizes, overhead transparencies, letterhead and labels.
  • Optional 1,500-sheet front-loading letter-sized Paper Deck Pedestal means adding paper less frequently.
  • The C330D's Auto Cassette Switching recognizes when you run out of paper and automatically switches to a secondary source of the same size paper without interrupting your copy run.
  • The C330D copier has been designated ENERGY STAR compliant by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • Duplex
    • Automatic Duplexing, using the optional Automatic Document Feeder (ADF), lets you utilize standard duplexing to make two-sided copies from single-sided originals.
    • Limitless Duplexing, using the optional Recirculating Document Feeder (RDF) and Sorter or Stapler Sorter allows you to program up to 100 sets of a two-sided document as a single job. The RDF lets you make one-sided originals into two-sided copies, two-sided originals into two-sided copies, and even separates two-sided originals into one-sided copies.
  • Convenient Finishing Options
    • Optional 10 or 20-bin Stapler Sorter produces 10 or 20 individually stapled sets of multi-page documents.
    • Optional 10 or 20-bin Sorter collates up to ten 30-page sets or twenty 50-page sets, respectively.
  • Advanced Features
    • Wide range zoom from 49% - 204% in 1% increments.
    • 7 easy-to-use preset reduction/enlargement ratios quickly fit documents to letter; legal or ledger-sized paper.
    • Auto Magnification reduces or enlarges images to fit the desired paper size.
    • Auto Paper Selection makes sure the appropriate paper size is used based on the size of the original and selected zoom ratio.
    • Auto Exposure ensures clear copies by setting the correct contrast for hard to view originals such as colored background documents.
    • Auto Start allows you to turn on the copier, program a job, and walk away. The job will automatically run as soon as the copier warm-up cycle is complete.
    • Auto Power-Off shuts the copier off automatically after a specified period of non-use.
    • Auto Clear resets the copier to its default settings after two minutes of non-use (the reset period is user-adjustable from 0-9 minutes).
    • Interrupt Mode stops the current copying job to allow you to make priority copies, then completes the original job.
  • Special Copying Jobs
    • Image Combination lets you combine up to four images onto one or both sides of a single page.
    • Two-Page Separation lets you copy two facing pages from books or bound documents onto two separate sheets without moving the original.
  • Copy Management
    • ID Mode accomodates up to 100 four-digit account numbers to easily track the number of copies made for each account.
    • Copy management is easy with the optional Control Card which can track up to 200 users. The Control Card Printer provides a record of the number of copies produced giving you great control and added security.

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